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Ruby River Gin

Ruby River Gin

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80 proof
40% ABV
Made with 100% Montana-sourced corn

Sitting along the bank of the Ruby River in the Ruby River Valley in Southwestern Montana, tying on a dry fly, our inspiration for our gin came to life. This outstanding spirit is made with 13 unique botanicals and citrus. The clean and floral finish of the Ruby River Gin embodies the beauty of our state. So take a sip, cast a line and enjoy this Gin on the rocks or one of our favorite drinks, Gin & Juice!

The 50 Best - Best Gin, 2015

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Introducin' Ruby River Gin: Experience Real Flavor

Discover a gin like no other with our renowned Ruby River Gin. Ain't your typical dry and piney gin. We use 12 unique botanicals and citrus to jazz up our 7 times distilled Montana-grown corn vodka. The result? A real knockout that turns even the biggest "Gin-Haters" into Ruby River Gin-Lovers.

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A Taste of Big Sky Country

Local pride, global appeal—perfect for folks near and far. We're mighty proud to support Montana Family Farms & Agriculture, using local grains whenever we can. Just like our roots, we're deeply planted in the heart of Montana.

From Skeptic to Devotee: How Ruby River Gin Wins Hearts

Join the rodeo of Ruby River Gin-Lovers as you saddle up for a taste adventure. We take pride in turnin' doubters into die-hard fans. So grab a glass, and let Ruby River Gin take you on a ride you won't soon forget!

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What spirits do you make in house?

All of the spirits we make are mashed, distilled, hand bottled/labeled/packaged in our distillery in Downtown Bozeman.

What is a Huckleberry?

A high mountain wild blueberry that grows in the high Rocky Mountains of the Northwest (Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon, & parts of Canada)... You can’t domesticate them, you have to go out and pick them fresh off the Huckleberry bushes! Don’t forget your bear spray, they are the bears favorite food! They’re in the season mid summer… July-early August.

Do you ship?

Yes! We work with multiple companies that have the licensing to ship across state lines.